Truxton's Victory
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Come all you Yankee sailors, With swords and pikes advance
'Tis time to try your courage and humble haughty France
The sons of France our seas invade, Destroy our commerce and our trade
'Tis time the reckoning should be paid to brave Yankee boys

On board the Constellation from Baltimore we came
We had a bold commander and Truxton was his name
Our ship she mounted forty guns, and on the main so swiftly runs
To prove to France Columbia's sons are brave Yankee boys

We sailed to the West Indies in order to annoy
The invaders of our commerce, to burn, sink and destroy
Our Constellation shone so bright, those Frenchman could not stand the sight
And away they scampered in a fright, from brave Yankee boys

'Twas on the 9th of February at Montserrat we lay
And there we spied l'Insurgente just at the break of day
We raised the orange and the blue, to see if they our signal knew
The Constellation and its crew of brave Yankee boys

Then all hands were called to quarters while we pursued the chase
With well primed guns, our tompions out and well spliced the main-brace
Then soon to France we did draw nigh, compelled to fight they were or fly
These words were passed: "conquer or die, My brave Yankee boys"

Then loud our cannon thundered with peals tremendous roar
And death that on our bullets wings did drench their decks with gore
The blood did from their scuppers run, their chief exclaimed, 'we are undone'
Their flag they struck, the battle was won by brave Yankee boys

Then to St. Kitts we steered and brought her safe in port
The grand salute was fired and answered from the fort
And now a round the flowing bowl, with hearty glee each jovial soul
Drink as you fought, without control, my brave Yankee boys

Now here's a health to Truxton, who did not fear the sight,
And all those Yankee sailors who for thier country fight
John Adams in full bumpers toast, George Washington, Columbia's boast
And here's to the girls that we love most, my brave Yankee boys.